March 2020 eNews | Covid 19 Outbreak


Announcement | COVID-19 Pandemic Forces Changes

Due to growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we have made several changes to our daily operations. From moving to a remote workforce to offering all upcoming trainings online, we are doing what we can to make sure our employees and customers are safe. For more on what we can do to help you during this time, check out our latest blog post.

Industry News | FDA Launches Resource Initiative to Educate Consumers on BE, GMO Foods

The FDA, in partnership with the USDA and EPA, has published a resource to provide consumers with science-based educational information to better understand GMOs, how they’re made, and how they’re regulated in the U.S.

Industry News | FDA Publishes Label-Education Tool

The FDA launched an education campaign to teach the public about the new Nutrition Facts label. The web pages include information on %DVs, Added Sugars, and more. There’s also a social media toolkit for those interested.

Blog | Top 23 User-Created Attributes in Genesis R&D Foods

The Attributes feature in Genesis R&D helps users track ingredient properties (vegan, gluten-free, etc). This blog covers the most widely used attributes.

Cheat Sheet | Nutrient Units for International Labeling

Understanding how nutrient-display regulations vary by country is crucial when building compliant nutrition facts labels. We created a cheat sheet to help clear this up for you. Download it here.

FAQ | I keep seeing “implementation” and “compliance” dates regarding new Bioengineered Labeling regulations. What is the difference?

Answer: The implementation dates refer to the date when states can choose to adopt their own requirements identical to the national standard and impose fines or remedies for violations. The compliance dates are when the USDA will begin enforcing the regulations on a national level. Implementation dates are earlier to give states time to adapt.

Tutorial | Creating a New Ingredient

It’s always a good idea to review the basic functions of your programs. The following tutorials cover how to create a new ingredient using our most popular software programs.


Recorded Webinar | Nutrition Facts Label Settings in Genesis R&D Foods

Did you miss this webinar? We covered many of the settings that allow you to customize your nutrition labels.

Upcoming Webinar | April 15 | Genesis R&D Foods Nutrition Reports Overview

The Genesis R&D Foods program offers a variety of reports to help you analyze your formulas and recipes. During this webinar, we review the different nutrition analysis reports, report options, customizations, printing, and exporting. Register here.

NOTICE: Our upcoming April and May training sessions have been moved to an online platform. For more information regarding upcoming trainings or our training options, please visit our website or contact our training department.

Training | April 28-30 | Genesis R&D Foods Combined (Professional + Advanced) Training

Choose from either the Professional or Advanced training, or combine them for a 3-day, intensive learning session. Depending on which options you choose, you will be covering anything from the basics to advanced labeling and using a PDCAAS. All sessions include a discussion of current regulations. Register.

Training | May 5-6 | Genesis R&D Supplements Professional Training

Hone your Genesis R&D Supplements software skills at our next training session. This 2-day, web-based training session covers both basic and advanced topics in ingredient entry, formula building, supplement labeling, and more. Register.

Training | May 14-15 | Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Menu Label

This training session covers ingredient creation and recipe/menu building, best practices, and analysis reporting specific to restaurants, grocery stores, and those who have to comply with the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulations. Additionally, we will discuss how Genesis R&D helps you comply with the Menu Labeling regulations. Register.|