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Case Study: Accurate Nutrition Analysis with the Food Processor

When Dawn’s career shifted and she found herself taking on more writing assignments, which included developing and publishing more recipes, she needed a software that would meet her recipe analysis and labeling needs. She staked her reputation on ESHA’s cloud version of the Food Processor Nutrition Analysis program and has been delighted with her decision …
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Case Study: Overcoming Labeling Challenges with the Genesis R&D API

When Wegmans was looking for a way to easily add accurate nutrition information to their scale labels, they turned to a familiar family of nutrition analysis solutions – Genesis R&D Product Development and Labeling Software. Armed with the new Genesis API, Wegmans was able to streamline their process and offer customers the data they requested. …
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Case Study: Streamlined Product Launches & Simplified Labeling with Genesis R&D Supplements

In 2019, The Farm Life was on the brink of a major growth spurt, fueled by the introduction of a line of elderberry-based immune products and the building of a manufacturing facility. Owner Ashley Grosch had to meet a two-part challenge head-on: A product launch and compliant labels. With Genesis R&D Supplements, Grosch was up …
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