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Accurate labels are important for government compliance and building customer trust. We have decades of expertise to make sure you get it right – before your product hits the shelves.

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Our Services

Label Development

The primary focus of our Consulting Services team is to develop government-compliant Nutrition Facts panels, ingredient lists, and allergen statements for your products. We are able to create Nutrition Facts labels, in a variety of formats, for products sold in Canada, the European Union, Mexico, and the United States.

Ingredient Lists & Allergen Statements

Our team develops accurate, correctly ordered, and properly named ingredient lists and allergen statements from your Ingredient Specifications and/or Lab Analysis reports. Each ingredient is thoroughly examined for mandatory nutrients, Standard of Identity, BE Material, and allergens.

Nutrient Content Claims

We can review your finished recipe to determine if it meets the necessary thresholds for Nutrient Content Claims (such as “High in Vitamin C,” “Low in Fact,” etc.) based on the ingredient information provided.

Label Audits

We provide in-depth audits of your current Nutrition Facts Label(s) starting with a rebuild of each of your recipes and their ingredients. This method lets us ensure your labels are compliant and allows us to identify areas for improvement in your label development and regulatory review process.

Regulatory Consulting

Our team can advise you on how to comply with the various FDA, USDA, Health Canada, and Mexico food labeling laws and regulations. We continually monitor changes to regulations and protocols to stay up to date with the ever-changing food and beverage industry landscape.

Software & Regulatory Training

If, instead, you’re looking to boost your own expertise with our software, we can help with that, too. Our training sessions are taught by industry experts and cover everything you need to know about using ESHA software, understanding regulations, and how to keep on top of industry changes. 

What to Expect

We use a project management approach to provide you with a complete end-to-end process. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager to provide you with a single point of contact for all information and final deliverables.

Quality assurance is built into all stages of development and services. To ensure accuracy, all projects are reviewed by two of our Nutrition and Food Labeling Specialists.

Project Plan

Clear timelines, deliverables, and expectations are set so we can complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Audit & Inspection Preparation

We record all required documentation in order for you to comply with all applicable requirements.


Final deliverables are based on your individual needs. Common requests include:


Basic Package Includes

  • Standard Nutrition Facts Label
  • Ingredient Statement
  • Allergen Statement
  • Nutrition Analysis Reports

Available Label Add-Ons

  • Additional Nutrition Facts Label Formats
  • Voluntary Label Nutrients
  • Special display of rounding  rules (e.g. “<1g” Protein)
  • Dual Column Label (e.g. cereal box)
  • Aggregate Label (e.g. multi-pack of snack chips)

Available Report Add-Ons

  • Unrounded Nutrition Analysis (100g report)
  • Spreadsheet Report
  • Single Nutrient
  • Recipe Card

Outsource Your Label Projects

If you need to outsource multiple labels or your entire labeling program, we can help! Contact us today for a customized quote.