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About ESHA

ESHA’s suite of nutritional software products, services, and databases are recognized as the industry’s top choice for food and supplement formulation, recipe development, labeling, nutritional analysis, and regulatory compliance.

At ESHA we strive to provide our customers with the best technical, nutrition, and regulatory support. 

ESHA’s History

ESHA Research, named for its founders Elizabeth Stewart Hands and Associates, was established in 1981 with the goal of providing a comprehensive nutrition database with few missing values. After three years of extensive nutrition research ESHA released their first program, Food Processor Nutrition Analysis software.
The constantly growing and meticulously maintained food and ingredient database ensures users will have the most accurate nutrient analysis and the most up-to-date nutrition information available, regardless of which software platform is being used.

After more than three decades, Food Processor® Nutrition and Fitness Software remains the nutrition analysis product of choice for dietitians in hospitals, schools, and other institutions as well as in private practices. This comprehensive workhorse has continued to evolve while remaining the favored product on the market.
Our flagship program, Genesis R&D® Food Development and Labeling Software, was released in 1991. The program has been used by 80 percent of the top food producers and developers in the United States for quick and accurate nutrient evaluation, virtual product development, nutrition labeling, and government regulation compliance.
In response to customer and industry requests, ESHA developed a new program to specifically address the needs to the supplement manufacturing industry. In 2016, ESHA Research introduced to the market Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation & Labeling Software. This program is an offshoot of the well-known Genesis R&D Food Analysis and Labeling Software, but completely rewritten for the supplement industry.
To offer our customers an additional level of guidance, we established the Consulting Services Group in 2016. This team of specialists is available to create compliant labels and their supporting analysis documentation, evaluate packaging and nutrition claims, and provide feedback for complicated compliance issues.