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eBook: 5 Steps for Selecting a Nutrition Database

This eBook provides an overview of what to consider when comparing the many nutrition database solutions available in the marketplace today.
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eBook: Canada’s New Food Labelling Regulations

This eBook summarizes Health Canada’s recent changes to the Nutrition Facts tables and ingredients list for packaged foods.
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eBook: Dietary Supplement Packaging 101

This ebook will briefly cover supplements and their packaging regulations to help guide you through the steps for Supplement Facts labeling compliance.
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eBook: Food Labeling 101

This eBook helps guide you through the regulations for the sometimes complicated labeling of packages food items sold in the U.S.
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eBook: How to Obtain a Nutritional Analysis

This eBook compares the pros and cons of the different nutrition analysis options by discussing the cost, time, and accuracy of each solution.
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eBook: Menu Labeling

This eBook discusses the calorie-display requirements for standard menu items in grocery chains, restaurants and other retail food establishments.
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eBook: New FDA Nutrition Facts Label Changes Guide

This eBook will focus on the far-reaching and numerous changes in nutrients and Daily Values that apply to the recently updated nutrition facts labels.
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eBook: Understanding and Using MyPlate

A RESOURCE FROM ESHA RESEARCH Your guide for helping clients make better food choices by using MyPlate The USDA developed MyPlate to encourage healthy eating patterns and offer an easy to understand graphic to help people make good food choices. This eBook provides an overview of MyPlate and how the Food Processor program uses the …
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