ESHATrak Online Nutrition and Fitness App

Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables

Online Meal Log and Diet Analysis App

Since 1981, ESHA Research has been providing nutrition analysis and databases to clients all over the world in a variety of settings. Now you can take advantage of that expertise and experience in a wholly new way.

ESHATrak is our easy-to-use, universally accessible, diet and fitness web app that offers instant and accurate nutrition analysis, meal and activity tracking, and reporting. You have the option to use ESHA branding or skin the program with your own logo and colors, and call it your own.

ESHATrak Software Features

  • Unique intake recommendations (for 46 nutrients) for each client based on their height, weight, age, gender, and activity level.
  • Nutrient analysis that compares actual intake against recommendations.
  • Meals created from ingredients and foods in the 74,000+ food database (which includes the 23,000 foods of the FNDDS database).
  • Easy-to-use search and selection options.
  • Exercise tracking and reporting based on MET scores, used to calculate Caloric expenditure. Select from 933 activities.
  • Reports: Intake summary, Calorie assessment, MyPlate comparison, DRI comparisons, activity assessment, and more.
  • User ingredient and recipe creation.
  • ESHATrak can be deployed as an ESHA hosted web product or LTI Integration.


Students can access the program from home or on campus to enter and analyze their diets.

Health Coach

Gain access to the tools you need to deliver expert nutrition and fitness guidance.

Nutrition Consultant

Provide daily nutrient intake recomendations for your clients based on dietary intakes.