ESHATrak Reports

Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables

ESHATrak Nutrition Reports

Users can review their dietary intakes and activity levels through a variety of reports.

This lets you see and print the list of foods you consumed for one or more days.

Activity Summary
This report lists relevant personal information (height, age, weight, gender), your BMI, your calorie intake goal, the exercises you completed, and total calories burned. You can choose to show more than one day on this report.

Bar Graph
The Bar Graph Report displays graphically the amount of the nutrient consumed and compares that to the dietary intake recommendations. If you select more than one day, the Bar Graph will report an average of those days.

Combination Report
This report collects all the information from the other report into one file.

Calorie Assessment
This is a close-up picture of the Calories you consumed. It looks at the major nutrients to see if you have met your goals, or are below or above them. If you select more than one day, this report will average your data.

This compares your actual intake to the MyPlate recommendations.

This shows the amount of the major nutrients that you should strive to take in each day.

Single Nutrient
The Single Nutrient Report shows what percentage each food item contributes to the total intake for a specific nutrient.

The Spreadsheet shows all the values for all the nutrients per food, and indicates any missing values. Nutrients are displayed horizontally, with totals at the bottom of the list.