April 2020 eNews | FDA Allows for Menu Labeling Flexibility


Industry News | FDA Allows for Menu Labeling Flexibility with Temporary Guidance

The FDA released a temporary guidance document to help restaurants and other covered establishments cope with rapidly changing business practices during the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidance says, “…we do not intend to object if covered establishments do not meet the menu labeling requirements” for the duration of the public health emergency.

Blog | How To Compare Recipes (and other documents) Side-by-Side

It’s easy and helpful to look at two documents at the same time. This blog shows you how to view recipes, ingredients, Nutrition Facts Labels, and other documents side-by-side.

Blog | BE Disclosure vs. GMO-Free

The rules requiring the disclosure of bioengineered material on labels and the voluntary display of “GMO-Free” are not the same thing. This blog clears up any confusion about that.

Cheat Sheet | Canadian Nutrient Changes

The latest Health Canada regulations on nutrient DV display and amounts is simplified in this ESHA Cheat Sheet.

FAQ | Do you need both the statement and the image when you declare bioengineered (BE) material on your food package?

Answer: No. You only need to display one or the other. For more FAQs on BE labeling, please see our latest blog post.

Tutorial | Using ESHATrak

Learn the basics of ESHATrak, our nutrition and fitness web app, with this overview tutorial.

Tutorial | Finding and Populating Missing Nutrient Data

To make sure your Recipe and Intake analyses are accurate, we recommend that you check for missing nutrient data using the Spreadsheet report. These tutorials — for Food Processor and Genesis R&D Foods — will show you what to look for and how to fix any issues.

Recorded Webinar | Genesis R&D Foods Nutrition Reports Overview

Did you miss this webinar? We reviewed the different nutrition analysis reports, report options, customizations, printing, and exporting.

Upcoming Webinar | May 27, 2020 | Ingredient Data Deep Dive

During this 45-minute webinar, we will discuss how to review your Ingredient nutrient data. Topics will include: Understanding reported data, searching for specific nutrients, data comparison and more. Register here.

NOTICE: Our May training sessions will be held via our online platform. For more information on upcoming trainings or additional training options, please visit our website or contact our training department

Training | May 5-6 | Genesis R&D Supplements Professional Training

Hone your Genesis R&D Supplements software skills at our next training session. This 2-day, web-based training session covers both basic and advanced topics in ingredient entry, formula building, supplement labeling, and more. 

Training | May 14-15 | Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Menu Label

This training session covers ingredient creation and recipe/menu building, best practices, and analysis reporting specific to restaurants, grocery stores, and those who have to comply with the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulations. Additionally, we will discuss how Genesis R&D helps you comply with the Menu Labeling regulations.