February 2020 eNews | FDA Releases Compliance Guide


Industry News | Small Entity Compliance Guide Available from the FDA
FDA has published a document to help small businesses comply with the new labeling laws — “Small Entity Compliance Guide: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels.”


Our blog is a vast resource of information relating to industry news, labeling & compliance, general nutrition analysis, and ESHA software instruction. This month we are highlighting some of the most useful blogs from over the years.

Blog | Making Effective Use of Your Nutrient List

This blog goes over how to customize the Nutrients to View Lists available in the Genesis R&D Food and Food Processor programs. Your Nutrients to View list not only dictates what nutrients you will see on reports and new/edit Ingredient/Recipe screens, but also what order those nutrients are listed in.

Blog | Avoid Product Recalls Due to Undeclared Allergens

This blog discusses how crucial it is to get your allergen statements right, both for customer safety and to avoid product recalls.

Blog | Searching for Foods and Ingredients by Source Information

This blog talks about narrowing your searches by source information, a helpful, and often overlooked, option.


Training | Walk Away with Certification and In-Depth Knowledge

The training sessions are designed to teach you how to streamline product development and labeling, understand current regulations, cultivate best practices, and take a deep dive into the program’s capabilities. This year, our schedule includes sessions for:

  • April 28-30 – Genesis R&D Foods (Combo, Professional or Advanced)
    This training session starts with the fundamentals for the first 2-days and then dives into more advanced topics on the third day. Choose From: Combined 3-day Intensive Training, 2-day Professional Training, or a 1-day Advanced Training. Register here.
  • May 5-6 – Genesis R&D Supplements Professional
    This 2-day training session will focus on the Genesis R&D Supplements program and will cover creating ingredients, building formulas, nutrition analysis and reporting, labeling, and best practices. Register here.
  • May 14-15 – Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Menu Label
    This 2-day training session focuses specifically on using Genesis R&D Foods and the Menu Label feature to comply with the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulations for restaurants, c-stores, and grocery stores. Register here.
  • June 16-17 – Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Canadian Label
    This 2-day training session will cover creating ingredients, building recipes/formulas, nutrition analysis and reporting, labeling, and best practices, with a focus on the Health Canada Nutrition Facts tables regulations. Register here.


FAQ | How can I output a Supplement Facts label as a vector in Genesis R&D Supplements?

When you have your label onscreen, select Print and choose your PDF printer or Genesis PDF (installed with your program). You may have to adjust a few settings before you click Print and then Save to complete the process.

For more in-depth instructions, please see this blog. Note: there is a video tutorial linked in the blog, if that’s more your learning style.


Upcoming Webinar | March 18, 2020 | FAQ: Nutrition Facts Label Settings in Genesis R&D Foods

During this webinar, we will answer the most frequently asked “How do I …?” questions that come up about basic formatting, nutrient display, and more involved configurations. Register here.

Recorded Webinar | Feb. 26, 2020 | How to Comply with the Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law using Genesis R&D Foods

Did you miss this webinar? We talked about implementation and compliance dates, what is considered a bioengineered food, and labeling and disclosure options. In addition, we discussed how the new attributes feature in Genesis R&D Foods can assist with compliance. View here.


Tradeshow | CPX 2020 | BOOTH 10 | Denver | April 21-22
We will be attending the Cannabis Products Expo to discuss how our Genesis R&D software helps you with labeling and packaging compliance. We’re always excited to meet new people, so please schedule a meeting with us.