Nutrition Reports

Measuring Calories and Nutrients in Vegetables

Nutrition Analysis Reports

The Genesis R&D Foods program offers a variety of reports to help you analyze your formulas and recipes. Illustrated below are some of the reports available in the program.

Custom Nutrient Reports

We offer custom reports including templates with logos, disclaimers, headers, images, etc. We can also add additional elements for your recipes, analyses, and ingredients not included on other reports, watermarks, and more. Contact our Consulting Services Department to learn about our custom reporting options. 

Spreadsheet Report 
The spreadsheet report shows all the values for all of the displayed nutrients. Nutrients are displayed horizontally by ingredient, with totals at the bottom of the list.

Spreadsheet Report (Label Rounded)
With this report, if a nutrient is a Label nutrient, it will be rounded per Label regulations, and the nutrient data will be reflected as if it were Label data.


Multi-Column (100-gram) Report
The Multi-Column Report provides a good overall nutrient data summary of the Recipe as opposed to the Spreadsheet report, which shows nutrient data per each ingredient. The information is presented in several columns, depending on the nutrients you have selected to display. This report shows both the per serving amount and the per 100 gram amount of each nutrient.


Bar Graph Report
The bar graph report shows total nutrient amounts, recommended amounts and percent recommendation met. Bars are shown only for those nutrients that have recommended values in the profile being compared to. If there is no nutrition goal for an item, there is a blank percentage and no graphic bar.

Single Nutrient Report
The Single Nutrient Report shows what percentage of a specific nutrient each ingredient contributes to the total recipe.

Calories and Fat Pie Chart Software

Calories and Fats Report
The Calories and Fats Report is useful for quickly seeing the calorie and fat breakdowns for your recipe. The Source of Calories window shows graphically the percentage of calories from protein, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol. The Source of Fat window shows the breakdown of fat (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and other fats.)
This report can be displayed as a pie chart or a bar graph.

Menu Label Report
This restaurant-specific report displays your menu items along with their nutrient breakdowns as required by the menu labeling regulations. You can choose to display price, allergens, characteristics, additional nutrients, and more. 

Spec Sheet Report

This is generated for use as a supplier spec sheet. The nutrient data is automatically populated from the total nutrient data for your Recipe, calculated from the Ingredients. Some fields are editable, including  Date, Comments and Signature Date. You can also upload an image file for the signature.

A change to the Nutrients Per _____ grams field will automatically prompt a recalculation of nutrient amounts. 

Genesis Recipe Analysis

Recipe Card
This report lists the recipe’s ingredients, amounts, and measures along with any cooking or preparation methods. If any notes or other instructions were entered, those will be displayed, too. In addition, it displays a multicolumn analysis, which breaks down the nutrient content by value.