Cannabis Edibles Nutrition Facts Labeling & Packaging Software

Cannabis Edibles Product Packaging & Labeling​

Genesis R&D assists with product formulation, labeling, and compliance. Enter ingredients, create recipes, and record the necessary data for compliance. Export required information to product labels — saving time and increasing transparency.

Selling in Oregon? Check out our Oregon Cannabis Labeling Module.

THC/CBD Tracking

THC and CBD amounts can be recorded, tracked, and displayed to meet per serving and per container declaration requirements.

Nutrition Facts Labels

Some states require a display of nutrient content on edible marijuana products. The Nutrition Facts panel is easy to create, universally understood, and meets many states' Nutrition Labeling requirements.

Recipe Management

Genesis R&D offers quick, intuitive recipe development and one-click nutrition analysis. Easily simulate different versions of the same product, manage supplier ingredients, and modify recipes as needed.

Ingredient List & Allergen Statement

Genesis R&D automatically uses your recipe's ingredients to build a compliant ingredient list in descending order by weight. Genesis R&D also tracks ingredient allergens, making it easy to identify and report food allergens on your product label.

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