Oregon Cannabis Nutrition Facts Labeling Module

Cannabis Edibles Product Packaging & Labeling for Oregon

Genesis R&D simplifies compliant labeling and packaging for edible cannabis products. Genesis R&D includes nutrition facts label templates, settings, nutrient options, and reports to help you comply with packaging and labeling regulations.

Nutrition Facts Labeling

Cannabis edibles sold in Oregon require the display of basic nutrients (calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein), as well as an ingredient statement, and allergens statement. Genesis R&D offers the three available OLCC-compliant Nutrition Facts label templates that comply with the exact specifications outlined in OAR-845-025-7090.

Package Report

Product labels must be submitted for pre-approval through OLCC’s online licensing system before the product can be offered for sale. The Cannabis Report in Genesis R&D includes all packaging information mandated by the rule on this report. You can refer to this report during the application process.

Required Symbols

Genesis R&D comes preloaded with the symbols for Recreational Marijuana Edibles, Medical Grade Cannabinoid Edibles, and Hemp Edibles, at least one of which must appear on your packaging. When creating a recipe in Genesis R&D, you are prompted to select your product type. Based on the product you are making, the corresponding symbol will automatically appear on your packaging report.

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