Diet Analysis

Analysis & writing nutrition facts of fruit and vegetables

Meal Planning & Exercise Tracking & Analysis

Nutrition Analysis Software

  • Quickly see analysis results and accurately evaluate dietary intake for your clients.
  • Instantly compare client dietary intake against recommended nutrient standards.
  • Build an exercise program and track MET’s.
  • Exercise tracking includes exercise information from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Client Management

  • Create nutrient profiles, monitor and track exercise, weight goals, and more.
  • Track variable traits including age, weight, height, gender, and activity level.
  • Log medications, contact info, allergies, chart notes, etc.
  • Enter recommendations for weight gain or loss and special dietary needs. Calories and calorie-dependent nutrients are quickly and automatically recalculated based on recommendations entered.
  • With the FoodProdigy Client Diet Tracker, your clients can enter and track their daily intakes and exercise activities from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

FoodProdigy Client Diet Tracker

FoodProdigy™ is the online companion to the Food Processor. FoodProdigy lets your clients conveniently and immediately document their daily dietary intakes and activities from their personal computer rather than relying on memory or keeping a journal by hand. You, in turn, have an accurate record, free of transcription errors. This saves you time entering data, thereby increasing the time you have available for diet assessment and counseling of clients and patients.


  • Automatic dietary intake and activity analysis.
  • Data entry and search functions are similar to the Food Processor.
  • Clients can add new foods to the database as needed.
  • Dietary intake can be organized by day and/or meal. Analysis can be done per unit (day or meal) or averaged over a number of days.
  • Exercise tracking is based on METs and includes exercise information from the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Your client can create a file of frequently used items and add custom foods.
  • Search results are sorted by best match.
  • It’s free. If you already have the Food Processor program and are current on your Software Maintenance & Support, you and your clients can start using FoodProdigy today.