May 2015 eNews | Creating a Mexico Compliant Nutrition Label



ESHA Nutrition Software Workflow Utilities

ESHA Security
Our security modules allows users to safeguard information by establishing access rights to database records and restricting who may use the program. The software identifies each user, regardless of which computer station is in use.
With ESHA Port users can export and import database files for ESHA Research programs. Delimited text files can be imported to become recipes, formulations, ingredients, or food menus. ESHA Port can also be used to export your analyzed ESHA records (recipes, formulas, food menus, or dietary recalls) in bulk to delimited text, suitable for use in Excel, or to import for use in other database formats.
Genesis API
Our API allows unattended, automated data export from your Genesis R&D system. The Genesis API pulls your final-product data from Genesis in order to allow for integration with websites and other systems such as web publishing, internal and external reporting, enterprise resource planning and more.

New UI Sneak Peak!

The new UI features a new navigation ribbon to make creating recipes and nutrition facts labels easier.
Nutrition Labeling Software

Creating a Compliant Nutrition Facts Label for Mexico

With the increasing size of the global marketplace, the food manufacturing industry can take advantage of new and exciting opportunities. But, this is not without inherent problems, namely, complying with other governments’ labeling regulations. This is one of the many areas where Genesis R&D shines.
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5 Things to Look for When Selecting a Nutrition Database

A simple Internet search for a nutrition database will yield thousands of returns. So, how do you choose which one is right for you?
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Database Searching Tips & Tricks
Tip: Use less or more search terms to widen or narrow your search. Include “USDA” or “Canada” or a specific brand in your search to filter by source. Click on the column headings of the search results list to alphabetize or order numerically.
Trick: Use the Nutrient Search to find items high or low in a nutrient. With your recipe open, hit the F5 key and begin your search.

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