Export/Import Nutrition Database


Unlock the power of your ESHA programs with this invaluable tool for sharing your nutrition data. ESHA Port is a utility for exporting and importing database files for ESHA Research programs. ESHA Port enables you to batch output files in a format that can be read by most standard database applications, such as Excel, inventory management systems, and more.

This program lets you streamline the import of recipes and ingredients, and the export of database items, recipe analyses and more. In addition, files can be analyzed on the fly during exporting, and the finished analysis of each recipe or formulation can be exported.

Key Features

  • Easily export recipe and ingredient data.
  • Filter records to be exported by name, group, creation date, and/or modified date.
  • Export specific fields, such as ingredient statement, user code, any or all nutrients, etc.
  • Import to create new records or update existing ones, such as costs, user codes, or nutrient values.
  • Import/export as ASCII compatible with Excel, Access, SQL Server and others

Database Analysis

Export your formulation analysis for all recipes and ingredients.

Nutrition Reports

Export nutrition reports for sharing with customers, clients, and employees.

Nutrition Labels

Export your nutrition facts labels, claims, and ingredient and allergen statements and send to regulatory for compliance review.

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