ESHA Security

ESHA Security Module

ESHA Security

Protect valuable data with ESHA Security, our versatile access control module. Compatible with Genesis R&D Food and Food Processor, this module allows you to safeguard your information by establishing access rights to database records. The software identifies each user, regardless of which computer station is in use.

Create users either from an existing log-in or by assigning a unique password for signing onto the SQL database. Administrators can grant access to a body of users in an NT Group. Any number of users can be assigned to one or more Roles. Each Role can have its own customized set of access permissions.


  • Keeps proprietary information confidential
  • Access is user (not computer) specific
  • Guards against accidental modification of records
  • Can be configured to meet your specific needs
  • Automatically allows record creator full rights

Access Levels

  • Blocked (cannot view or modify the item)
  • Read-Only (can view item, but no modification allowed)
  • Read/Write (full access)

ESHA Security Use Cases


Assign access based on job function. Provide read only access to marketing and the regulatory review departments and full access to the R&D teams.


Students in a lab setting should only be allowed access to their own files. Allow students to only view and edit their own files.


Restrict access to patient diet analysis and food menu records for compliance with HIPPA regulations.

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