June 2015 eNews | Creating an EU Compliant Nutrition Label



Custom Reports

Did you know ESHA Consulting Services now offers custom reports? Our custom report options include:

  • A template containing only the information pertinent to you or your clients
  • Affix logos, disclaimers, headers, images, etc in whatever position on the report
  • Define font, spacing, and layout for your use
  • Custom reports in line with your company’s marketing strategies (the “look and feel” of your company’s presence)
  • Include other elements for your recipes, analyses, and ingredients not included on other reports
  • Watermark the report (“Preliminary”, “Example”, “Confidential”, etc).
  • Remove irrelevant sections on existing reports

Once a custom report is created for you, it is available for use with any of your recipes in Genesis or Food Processor. Contact us today to learn more! (Note: Customers with current Priority Support get 20% discount off of all Consulting Services.)

Webinar: Creating Additional Label Statements in Genesis

During this webinar, we cover how to modify ingredient statements, allergen statements, and nutrient content claims. In addition, we show you how to include bar codes.
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Creating EU Compliant Nutrition Information Labels

This past year, we updated the Genesis R&D program to include a module for simplifying the creation of nutrition labels for use in the European Union.
If you have this module, the program will automatically format the label with the correct layout, font size, nutrient list, and regulatory compliance factors.
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Q&A with an Oregon Food-Safety Inspector

Eric Edmunds is a program analyst with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. He’s agreed to talk with us about food-safety inspections in Oregon.
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Q: How do I report %DV for protein on my Nutrition Facts panel?
A: In the U.S., %DV protein is required on a Nutrition Facts panel if a product is marketed for infants or children less than 4 years of age, OR if the product is marketed for ages 4 & above AND the product packaging bears a protein claim. %DV is reported as the amount of digestible protein from the food.
In Genesis, you will need to enter a PER or a PDCAAS value and select the label that corresponds with that score. To display %DV for protein on the label:

  • Navigate to Label > Settings
  • In General, select the label you need (e.g. Adult, Infant, Child, etc.)
  • In Nutrient Options Protein – click + to expand the options
  • Enter a PER or a PDCAAS value*
  • Select “Show Percent DV Protein”

*PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) is used for labels for infants & children less than 4 years old, has a value of 0 – 2.5, and can be lab determined.
*PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Correct Amino Acid Score) is used for labels for ages 4 & above, has a value of 0 – 1 and can be lab determined or calculated.

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