February 2021 | FDA Publishes Food Traceability Meetings


Recent Software Updates

Genesis R&D Foods 11.9

Genesis R&D Foods version 11.9 was released at the end of last year with major updates to the Mexico food labeling module, including revised FOP warning seals and more. Learn more »

Food Processor 11.9

Food Processor version 11.9 was released last month with a redesigned FoodProdigy UI and the addition of foods from the FoodData Central Collection. Learn more » 

Industry News

CFIA Requests Labelling Coordination Feedback

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have developed a joint policy statement to ease the burden of labelling compliance. The agencies are requesting shareholder feedback. Read More »

FDA Publishes Food Traceability Meetings

All of the materials from last year’s public meetings about the Food Traceability Proposed Rule have been published on the FDA website, and interested parties are encouraged to comment before the extended comment period ends. Read More »

What We Published

Blog | Measures in Spanish, French

This blog goes over the top 10 household measures for labels and their Spanish and French translations. Read More ›

Tutorial | Costs in Food Processor

This tutorial will show you how to enter costs at the ingredient level and override/view the costs at the Recipe level. Watch Tutorial ›

FAQ of the Month

Q: When we calculate our %DV for Calcium, we get 55%, but Genesis R&D Foods is reporting 60% DV on the label. Why is there a difference?

A: Vitamins and minerals reported in the bottom section of the label follow specific rounding rules. In this case, per the CFR, “The percentages for vitamins and minerals shall be expressed to the nearest … 10-percent increment above the 50-percent level.” This means that, for Calcium, a calculated 55% DV would round up to the nearest 10% increment, which is 60% DV for the label. Visit the CFR for more information.


Upcoming Webinar | Genesis R&D Foods 101 part 3: Ingredient Statements

The FDA requires that food manufacturers include an ingredient statement (or list of ingredients) on product packaging. To ensure compliance, you must be familiar with specifications, exceptions, and other rules outlined by the FDA. During this webinar, we will go over the FDA’s ingredient statement requirements and demonstrate how to modify the automatically generated ingredient list in Genesis R&D. We will also discuss best practices and common mistakes. Register Now >

Recorded Webinar | Genesis R&D Foods 101 Part 2: Recipes

During this webinar, we walked through the process of entering recipe data in Genesis R&D, how to enter a serving size, and reviewing your recipes for errors using reports and other features. Watch Webinar > 

Recorded Webinar | Genesis R&D Foods 101 Part 1: Ingredients

During this webinar, we walked through the process of creating new ingredients in Genesis R&D and showed you how to identify ways you can review your ingredients for data entry errors. Watch Webinar >


Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced | March 23-25, 2021

Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more. Sign Up Today »

NEW! Genesis R&D Professional + USDA | April 20-21, 2021

This 2-day training session covers the fundamentals of the Genesis R&D Food program with a primary focus on USDA regulations: creating ingredients and composite ingredients, building recipes/formulas, nutrition analysis, moisture loss, reporting, labeling, best practices, and much more. In addition, this session covers a comprehensive USDA regulatory review. Sign Up Today »