Food Processor 11.9 Update Includes Redesigned FoodProdigy and More Database Foods

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Food Processor 11.9 Update Includes Redesigned FoodProdigy and More Database Foods

Food Processor Version 11.9 incorporates two important updates: The addition of select items from the FoodData Central Brands foods to the program database and a wholly redesigned FoodProdigy. For an in-depth look at the changes in this version, join us on January 13, 2021, for the webinar “Food Processor 11.9 – featuring FoodProdigy Update and FoodData Central Brands Foods.” Register here.

Database Additions

We have added more than 25,000 foods to the Food Processor database, including over 19,000 foods selected from the USDA’s FoodData Central (FDC) Brands food database. (The Brands database is a subset of the full FDC database, which includes FNDDS and SR Legacy, among other collections.) ESHA’s Nutrition Research team pulled FDC foods that were populated with 2016 mandatory label nutrient data, including that for Added Sugar and Vitamin D. All foods were run through a variety of data verification protocols before being added to the database. Additional data (available carbs, Vitamin D IU, etc.) was calculated when possible.

To search for FDC Brands foods in Food Processor, enter USDA ARS FoodData Central as the supplier. Check out our blog, ESHA Software Searching Tips & Tricks, to learn how you can fine-tune your search results.

New FoodProdigy User Interface

FoodProdigy, Food Processor’s online diet- and activity-tracker app, has been overhauled with a fresh, clean, intuitive user interface. The look of the application has been designed to more easily guide clients through the process of creating personal Profiles and entering Intakes and Activities. The information entered in FoodProdigy is used by Food Processor to evaluate a client’s nutrient intake and exercise habits.

The functions of FoodProdigy remain essentially the same, so current users will be able to adapt easily. This tutorial goes over the basics of using FoodProdigy.