January 2021 | Food Processor 11.9 Released


ESHA News | Food Processor Update Released
Food Processor Version 11.9 Software Update Food Processor version 11.9 has been released with major updates, including a redesigned FoodProdigy UI and the addition of foods from the FoodData Central Collection.

Learn More: https://esha.com/blog/food-processor-119-update/

Industry News | FDA: Uniform Compliance Date for Labeling Regs Set 
The FDA announced that Jan 1, 2024, will be the uniform compliance date for final food labeling regulations issued in 2021 and 2022. Read More » 

Industry News | USDA, HHS Release New Dietary Guidelines
The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were recently released. This edition focuses on healthy eating patterns for every life stage. Read More »

Blog | Creating Supplement Facts Labels for Blend Formulas
When you add a blend to your formula, you have options for how it may appear on your Supplement Facts label. Read More › 

Blog | How to Search and Replace Ingredients in Genesis R&D Foods
This blog will show you how to replace an ingredient with a different ingredient in all Recipes at once. Read More › 

Blog | Overview of the New Dietary Guidelines for Americans
The 2020-2025 DGAs were recently published. This blog briefly goes over what they recommend. Read More ›

Cheat Sheet | List of Mandatory & Voluntary Nutrient Units
One of our most popular cheat sheets has been updated to reflect the 2020 Mexico Nutrition Facts Label nutrients. Download ›

FAQ of the Month

Q: Can I create labels for multiple countries from one Recipe in Genesis R&D Foods?

A: You can create multiple labels from one Recipe in Genesis. Keep in mind that you will want to consider if it is appropriate to use the same recipe and ingredients for different countries’ labels. Consider if any aspects of any of the ingredients differ from one country to another, such as sugars definitions, names to be used in Ingredient Statements, or other points of information. For some, it may be more useful to maintain specific ingredient records and separate Recipes from one country to the next.

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Upcoming Webinar | Genesis R&D Foods 101, Part 2 – Recipes
How you set up your Recipes will determine the accuracy of your formulation and sets the foundation for creating regulatory compliant Nutrition Facts Labels. During this webinar, we walk through the process of entering recipe data in Genesis R&D, how to determine valid serving sizes, and identify how you can review your recipes for errors, using reports and other features. Register >

Recorded Webinar | Food Processor 11.9: Featuring FoodProdigy Update and FoodData Central Brand Foods
The latest release of Food Processor, version 11.9, incorporates more than 20,000 new foods into the ESHA database, bringing the total number of foods and ingredients to over 129,000! This release also includes a major redesign of the FoodProdigy User Interface. During this webinar, we went over the foods added to the database, their naming, and search tips. In addition, we demonstrated how to navigate the redesigned FoodProdigy program including how to create a personal Profile, enter Dietary Intakes, and track Activities. Watch Now > 

Tutorial | Adding Costs to Ingredients and Recipes
This tutorial will walk you through the adding costs at the Ingredient level and viewing and overriding costs at the Recipe level. Watch >

Tutorials | How to Use Food Prodigy
FoodProdigy allows you to document your daily dietary intakes and activities and securely share that information with your dietitian. This tutorial will cover how to create a personal Profile, enter Dietary Intakes, and track Activities. Watch >

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