February 2016 eNews | Creating Food Label Barcodes


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Exporting Labels for your Graphic Designer

Nearly all graphic designers prefer to work with vector images when the images are illustrations or line drawings. Although Genesis offers other file options, we always recommend that you choose to Print as Vector. This will save your designer many headaches, we promise.
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Creating a Barcode for Your Food Label

Food-Label-BarcodeRetail establishments and distributors often utilize a barcode for inventory and sales records purposes. The process for adding a barcode to your package isn’t difficult, but it can be a bit tedious. These guidelines will help you get started.
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New eBook: Food Labeling 101

food-labeling-101-ebookMost packaged food items sold in the United States are regulated by the FDA and must display a product label, the rules for which can be long and complicated. This eBook will help guide you through the regulations.
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Q: How do the new Dietary Guidelines affect the US labels?
A: The FDA governs the specific food labeling regulations. The Dietary Guidelines are a more generalized set of information. US Nutrition Facts labels have not changed with the release of the Dietary Guidelines. However, some of the underlying MyPlate information has been updated and ESHA has updated the MyPlate values to reflect these changes.