March 2016 eNews | Restaurant Menu Labeling



NEW Food Processor Feature Coming Soon!

We are currently working on a new Menu Planning feature that will be available with the next release of The Food Processor Nutrition Analysis Software. The Menu Planning Module is an add-on feature ideal for hospital clinics, nursing homes, and school cafeterias.
Menu Planning Module Features

  • Create menu templates and plans from frequently used foods and recipes
  • Quickly analyze menus for nutritional value
  • Choose the nutritional standard that matches your population
  • Use the cycle menu to see a week at a glance

FDA Menu Labeling Regs Have Been Delayed

Even though the regulations have been delayed (again) the reality is the regulations will eventually be implemented and restaurants will have to be compliant.
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Using the Food Menu Report for Menu Labeling

new-food-menuGenesis makes complying with the FDA’s restaurant menu labeling regulations easy with the Food Menu and Food Menu Report. The mandatory nutrients in the Report are based on those regulations.
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Q: When will the FDA publish the new food labeling regs?
A: As of today, March 2016 is still listed as the date on the timeline for the release of the final action for the revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts labels. ESHA will continue to monitor the website for any changes. Once the final action is announced ESHA will update it’s Genesis R&D program with the new label formats.