Food Processor Version 11.7 Update

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Food Processor Version 11.7 Update

Food Processor version 11.7 includes database additions and changes, updated DRIs for sodium and potassium, and a new 7-day cycle report for the Menu Plan module.

This blog will cover the highlights, and for an in-depth look at what’s new in 11.7, register for this webinar.


With this update, the Food Processor database now has more than 104,000 unique items.

  • Added: Nearly 4,000 brand-name foods, manufacturer foods, commercial ingredients
  • Updated: Brand-name foods, manufacturer foods, dietary fiber ingredients

In addition, we have added a USDA Standard Reference database group, which all UDSA SR foods will now be associated with.

To filter searches specifically for USDA SR ingredients:

  1. On the Search screen, click Advanced Search
  2. Type in the name of the ingredients
  3. Under Search by Groups, click Select
  4. Expand Databases and check USDA Standard Reference
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Search

Nutrient Sets

The default nutrient sets (Nutrients to View) have been renamed for clarity, and we added new sets: MyPlate, EU Energy, Mexico mandatory, Mexico all. To see what nutrients are included in each set view the online Food Processor manual here. To learn more about modifying your Nutrients to View sets, check out this tutorial.

Potassium and Sodium DRIs updated

The updated DRIs for Sodium and Potassium have been incorporated into Food Processor. Changes will affect the Person intake recommendations, which can be seen in the Recommendations report and the % intake met on the Multi-column and Bar Graph reports.

For more information, please see our blog: New DRI Values for Sodium and Potassium Released.

New Menu Plan Report

Since the Food Processor’s last update, our top request from users was for a Menu Plan report that could be printed as a weekly menu.

To use this report

  1. Create a Cycle Menu for a week (recommended, although any number of days up to 7 will work)
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Expand the Reports menu and choose Weekly under CycleReports. Choose which days, meals, and collections to show or hide. You can also hide the collection headers. This shows Breakfast only for all 7 days:7-day cycle menu template
  4. Click Print. This report prints in landscape page orientation.

For more detailed instruction, watch this tutorial: