August 2020 eNews | Verdant, ESHA Announce Strategic Partnership


Announcement | Verdant, ESHA Announce Strategic Partnership

ESHA Research and Verdant have partnered together to make nutrition data transfer easier by offering integration templates to move analysis and label data from Genesis R&D to key third-party systems. For more information, read the release.

Industry News | FDA Finalizes GF Labeling for Fermented Foods

The FDA says that fermented or hydrolyzed foods labeled as “gluten-free” must show documentation that the ingredients were gluten-free before fermentation or hydrolysis. Read more

Industry News | Hemp Council Offers Regulatory Ideas for CBD

The National Industrial Hemp Council has sent comments to the FDA to advise the agency on consumer safety and other policy recommendations for the regulation of CBD products. Read more.

Industry News | Supplement Usage Rises Greatly During Pandemic

A Council for Responsible Nutrition survey found that 91 percent of supplement users have increased their supplement intake during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.


Blogs | Voluntary Nutrients by Country

This blog shows you how to display voluntary nutrients on nutrition facts per the different country regulations. Read more.

Blogs | Using ESHA Port to Share Nutrient Data

This how-to blog shows you the steps for using ESHA Port to export nutrition data to ESHA products or other apps. Read more.


FAQ of the Month

Q: I want to show Potassium on my EU label, but when I select it as a voluntary nutrient, it does not show up. Why?

A: EU regulations approach the display of nutrients in negligible amounts somewhat differently from U.S. regulations. EU regulations define “significant amounts” and the list of nutrients and their significant amounts can be found in this blog. By default in Genesis R&D, if the voluntary nutrient amount is less than the significant amount, it will not appear on the label. You can, however, show the presence of potassium, but not the exact amount.

Go to Edit Label > Format Options. Expand the EU subsection. Check “Show ‘contains negligible amount of’ statement” and click OK. Potassium will appear in a statement at the bottom of your label.

Upcoming Webinar | Health Canada Nutrition Labeling Regulations Review

Wednesday, Sept. 16 | 11 AM PT (2 PM ET)

This webinar will look at the new Health Canada nutrition labeling regulations, including the changes to the nutrition facts table layout, list of ingredients, serving size, sugar information, and more. We will also demonstrate how to create compliant Nutrition Facts tables in Genesis R&D Foods.

Register here.


Recorded Webinar | What you need to know about cannabis labeling in Oregon

Proper labeling of your retail cannabis products is crucial for maintaining compliance in Oregon. During this webinar, we will review the OLCC Packaging and Labeling rules for Recreational Marijuana edibles. We will also demonstrate how Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling software can assist users with product formulation, recipe nutrition analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Watch recording.


Tutorials Spotlight | New Recipe/Formula

Create a New Recipe | Genesis R&D Foods

This tutorial walks you through the steps for creating a Recipe in Genesis R&D. Recipes form the basis for your compliant labels.

Watch Tutorial.

Create a New Formula | Genesis R&D Supplements

This tutorial walks you through the steps for entering ingredients to create a unique formula. You will use the formula to create real-world samples, compliant labels, more.

Watch Tutorial.

Create a New Recipe | Food Processor

This tutorial walks you through the steps for creating a Recipe in Food Processor. Use Recipes in your client’s Daily Intakes or Menu Plans.

Watch Tutorial.


Online Training | Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced Training

September 22-24, 2020

Choose From: Combined 3-day Intensive Training, 2-day Professional Training, or a 1-day Advanced Training.

Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more.

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