July 2020 eNews | New Version of Genesis R&D Available


Software Updates | Genesis R&D 11.8 is now available

This update introduced many user-requested features including new Spec Sheet reports for both Ingredients and Recipes, sulfite tracking and label display, a new label format for cannabis edibles, new database nutrients, and several additional updates to the food & nutrition database. For more information, read the blog.

Industry News

USDA Posts Dietary Guidelines Scientific Report

The Dietary Guidelines Committee has released its final report, which the USDA and HHS will use in developing the Dietary Guidelines for 2020-25.

Many Don’t Buy Allergen-containing Foods

A recent study from Food Allergy Research & Education says that Americans spent $19 billion on specialty foods to avoid allergic reactions.

Guidance for Acceptable Seafood Names Released

The FDA has released a document to provide guidance to staff in using The Seafood List to determine if a seafood name is acceptable.

FDA Launches Smarter Food Safety Blueprint

The new initiative will build on the Food Safety Modernization Act to help ensure food safety and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Blogs We Published

Cannabis Edibles Labeling Compliance

This blog discusses the features in Genesis R&D that helps users comply with edibles packaging regulations.

Displaying Two or More %DV Columns

This how-to blog shows you the steps for displaying two or more %DV columns on a Supplement Facts label using Genesis R&D Supplements.

ESHA Cheat Sheets

FDA Rounding Rules Cheat Sheet

Learn when and how to round your serving sizes based on the number of servings per container. Download 

Determining Serving Sizes Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will show you how to use the RACCs and calculate the appropriate serving size for your product. Download 

FAQ of the Month

Q: Why am I seeing asterisks (*) in the Spreadsheet report?

A: If your Recipe contains a sub-Recipe with a yield adjustment, you will see the correct total nutrient amounts for the sub-Recipe as calculated per the yield adjustment. However, in previous versions of the program, if you expanded the sub-Recipe within the Spreadsheet report, the individual ingredient nutrient values did not reflect the yield adjustment. Without the adjustments shown, values for the individual ingredients did not add up to the total. This was behavior in the display only; behind the scenes, the math was correct. The unadjusted nutrient value display was confusing to users, so we have removed the individual ingredient nutrient amounts and replaced them with asterisks.


What You Need to Know about Cannabis Labeling in Oregon
Wednesday, Aug. 19 | 11 AM PT (2 PM ET)

Proper labeling of your retail cannabis products is crucial for maintaining compliance in Oregon. During this webinar, we will review the OLCC Packaging and Labeling rules for Recreational Marijuana edibles. We will also demonstrate how Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling software can assist users with product formulation, recipe nutrition analysis, and regulatory compliance. Register.

Recorded | Genesis R&D Foods 11.8 Overview

The latest update of Genesis R&D Foods includes several new features including a Spec Sheet report for Ingredients and Recipes, sulfite tracking and label declaration options, a new Nutrition Facts label module for cannabis products sold in Oregon, and new nutrient fields. During this webinar, we covered how to track and display sulfites and reviewed the Spec Sheet reports and new nutrient options. Watch recording.

Tutorials for Genesis R&D Supplements

Displaying Two or More %DV Columns

In order to display the %DV for different age groups on your Supplement Facts, you have to create new columns. This tutorial will show you how.

Tutorials for Genesis R&D Foods

Tracking and Displaying Sulfites on Your Label

This tutorial will show you how to enter sulfite data at the ingredient level, see sulfites in your Recipes and declare sulfites in your ingredient statement in order to comply with FDA regulations.

Creating a Recipe and Label for Edible Cannabis Products

This tutorial walks you through the entire process of creating a compliant label for cannabis edibles using the Cannabis Labeling Module.

Online Training

Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced Training
August 25-27, 2020

Choose from Combined 3-day Intensive Training, 2-day Professional Training, or a 1-day Advanced Training. Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more. Register.