September 2020 eNews | CFIA, FDA Extend Enforcement Flexibility


Industry News | CFIA Extends Enforcement Flexibility

Canadian Food Inspection Agency has extended labelling flexibility through December 2020 for some food-service and pre-packaged meat products during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read More »

Industry News | FDA Announces Labeling Compliance Flexibility

Some manufactures will have more time to meet the new labeling requirements during the pandemic, the FDA said. Read More »

Industry News | Webcast Helps Producers Avoid Warning Letters

Nutraceuticals World outlines the top 10 ways to avoid getting an FDA Warning Letter for your dietary supplement. Read More » 


Blog | Mexico Label Update

This blog discusses the Phase One updates to the Mexico nutrition labels, which includes the new FOP symbols and warning statements. Read More › 

Blog |Canadian Labels

This how-to blog goes over the steps for creating a nutrition label that complies with the latest Canadian regulations. Read More › 


FAQ of the Month

Q: How is the Common Name field used in Genesis R&D Foods?

A. The Common Name field in the Ingredient record is often used to provide a shorter or simplified ingredient name since the database name is long and often complex. There are two primary instances where a populated Common Name shows up:

  • If the Ingredient Statement Name field is blank, the Common Name will be used as the name of the Ingredient in the ingredient statement.
  • When the Common Name field is populated and “Use Common Name” is selected in MyPreferences, the Common Name will be used in all records and reports.

To learn more about this and other My Preferences, please watch this tutorial



Upcoming | Tracking and Disclosing Sulfites Using Genesis R&D Foods

The FDA requires a sulfite declaration on the packages of products containing 10 ppm (parts per million) or more of sulfiting agents. During this webinar, we will walk you through the steps for entering and tracking sulfites on the Ingredient and Recipe levels, discuss placement of the sulfite declaration, and show you how Genesis R&D helps automate the process. Register Now > 

Recorded | Health Canada Nutrition Labelling Regulations Review

During this webinar, we looked at the latest Health Canada nutrition labelling regulations: changes to the nutrition facts table layout, list of ingredients, serving size, sugar information, and more. We also demonstrated how to create compliant Nutrition Facts tables in Genesis R&D Foods. View Now > 



Displaying Voluntary Nutrients on Your Nutrition Facts Label

This tutorial walks you through the steps for displaying voluntary nutrients on your Nutrition Facts label.  Watch Tutorial

Using the “Calculate Nutrients” Options

Genesis R&D and Food Processor automate the conversion of your nutrient values and units of measure to the new standards with a built-in nutrient calculator. This tutorial shows you how that works.

Watch Genesis R&D Foods Tutorial ›
Watch Food Processor Tutorial ›


Online Training

Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced Training | October 6-8, 2020

Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more. Sign Up Today »