Formulas: Creating a Formula | Genesis R&D Supplements


Creating a Formula

Software program: Genesis Supplements

This tutorial illustrates how to create a formula in Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation & Labeling Software. Later, you can use the formulation to build regulatory compliant Supplement Facts Labels.

Version 2.0
Version 1.6

NOTE: By default, Genesis Supplements reduces the moisture amount to zero; this is based on an approach to formulation of tablets.

You can adjust moisture content in a few ways:

  1. If no moisture content needs to be considered or no moisture adjustment is needed in the formula, just enter the Ingredients as is with no moisture content.
  2. If you need to account for moisture loss in individual ingredients, you can enter a “Water” amount; the software will automatically remove any amount of “Water” that you report for the Ingredient. The amount of the Ingredient in the Formula will adjust automatically based on the Label Claim. Meaning, you’ll see an increase in the amount of that Ingredient in the Formula.
  3. If you need to account for moisture content in the formula, then you would enter an Ingredient of “Distilled Water” or something to that effect and the software will take that moisture content into account in the per serving weight and Formula batch weight.