October 2020 eNews | FDA Asks for Input on Certain Sugars


Industry News | FDA to Hold Meetings on Enhanced Traceability

The FDA will hold a series of public meetings on a proposed rule for additional traceability recordkeeping, designed to prevent or mitigate foodborne illness outbreaks and address other threats to the food supply.  

Industry News | FDA Issues Final Guidance on Allulose

The FDA is seeking additional input on the labeling of sugars that metabolize differently from traditional sugars, and has issued a final guidance on one of these sugars — allulose.


Cheat Sheet | Household Measure Translations, French

This cheat sheet lists the French and English terms for household measures required on Canadian labels.

Cheat Sheet | Household Measure Translations, Spanish

This cheat sheet lists the French and Spanish terms for household measures required on U.S. and Mexico labels.

Blogs | Searching for Foods by Source Data

This blog shows you how to narrow your ingredient searches by supplier and other properties.

Blog | How to Export Labels for your Designer

This how-to blog goes over the steps for exporting a label as a vector for use in high-end design projects.


FAQ of the Month

Q. What if I don’t know if my recipe or ingredient contains sulfites?

A. Review the ingredient list. If you see “sulfite” or one of the specific sulfiting agents listed in the ingredient list, that is an indication that the recipe or ingredient contains some amount of sulfites. At that point, check supplier spec sheets or push back to your supplier for more information. They will usually report sulfites in ppm, so when entering  ingredients in Genesis R&D, you’ll want to capture that data point. As a best practice, always contact your suppliers if you have questions or need more information.

To learn about tracking sulfites, please see this tutorial.


Recorded Webinar | Tracking & Disclosing Sulfites Using Genesis R&D Foods

The FDA requires a sulfite declaration on the packages of products containing 10 ppm (parts per million) or more of sulfiting agents. During this webinar, we walked you through the steps for entering and tracking sulfites on the Ingredient and Recipe levels, discussed placement of the sulfite declaration, and showed you how Genesis RD helps automate the process.


Online Training

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