November 2020 | Genesis R&D Foods 11.9 Released


Software Release | Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.9

Genesis R&D Foods version 11.9 has been released with major updates to the Mexico food labeling module, including revised FOP warning seals and more. Learn More.

ESHA Holiday Schedule

ESHA will be closed on the following days:

  • November 26 & 27, 2020
  • December 24 & 25, 2020
  • January 1, 2021

Industry News | FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Declaring Sesame

The FDA has issued draft guidance on the voluntary disclosure of sesame in the ingredient list when used in foods as a flavor or spice.

Industry News | House Passes FASTER Act

The U.S. House of Representatives passes the FASTER Act, a bill with provisions to designate sesame as one of the top allergens and require its disclosure on food labels.

Industry News | CFIA Wants Feedback on Mock Meat Guidelines

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is asking for public feedback on proposed changes to guidelines on simulated meat and poultry products.

Blogs | Creating Mexico FOP Warning Images

This blog shows you how to understand and create the new FOP warning seals and statements for Mexico labels.

Blog | How To: Assess Your Client’s Diet

This blog shows you how Food Processor helps you accurately assess your clients’ dietary intake needs.

FAQ of the Month

Q: If a supplement contains both naturally occurring potassium and supplemental ingredient, does it fall under Class I or Class II? For example: Potassium is coming from a dairy powder AND potassium citrate is added to boost that final potassium amount.

A: When a supplement ingredient contains a combination of naturally occurring and added forms of a nutrient, consider the nutrient as a Class I.

From the CFR 101.9:
(3) Two classes of nutrients are defined for purposes of compliance:
(i) Class I. Added nutrients in fortified or fabricated foods; and
(ii) Class II. Naturally occurring (indigenous) nutrients. When a nutrient is naturally occurring (indigenous) in a food or an ingredient that is added to a food, the total amount of such nutrient in the final food product is subject to class II requirements, except that when an exogenous source of the nutrient is also added to the final food product, the total amount of the nutrient in the final food product (indigenous and exogenous) is subject to class I requirements.

Upcoming Webinar | Complying with Mexico’s New Front-of-Package &Nutrition Labeling Regulations

During this webinar, regulations expert Rosemarie Sutherland, President of Thrvie4Life USA, will go over Mexico’s new food labeling requirements, and we demonstrate how to use the new features in Genesis R&D to create compliant Nutrition Facts labels, ingredient and allergen statements, and generate the required Front-of-Package warning seals and statements.
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Recorded Webinar | Genesis R&D Supplements 101: Ingredients, Formulas, Statements, Labels

Genesis R&D Supplements offers users all of the tools needed for data management and label creation for supplements and nutritionals. This webinar goes over how to create Ingredients and Formulas, how to view and modify allergen and ingredient statements, how to make adjustments to the program-generated Supplement Facts, and how to organize and share your data.
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Tutorial | Export your label as a vector file in Genesis R&D Supplements

Genesis R&D Supplements lets you output your Supplement Facts panels as a vector file, which your graphic designer can then open further edit in Adobe Illustrator or graphic design programs. Watch now.

Tutorial | Export your label as a vector file in Genesis R&D Foods

Genesis R&D Food lets you output your Nutrition Facts panels as a vector file, which your graphic designer can then open further edit in Adobe Illustrator or graphic design programs. Watch now.

Online Training

Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced Training

December 1-3, 2020
Choose From: Combined 3-day Intensive Training, 2-day Professional Training, or a 1-day Advanced Training.

Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more. Register Today.