Menu Planning

Analysis & writing nutrition facts of fruit and vegetables

Menu Planning Software

The Food Processor Menu Planning Module is ideal for hospital clinics, nursing homes, and school cafeterias. With this add-on option, you can create a variety of menu plans — either for a large generic population or to target specific dietary needs — and you can do so for any number of days. Unique features, such as the quick-select Food Pick list, make this module an essential tool for meal planning.


  • Daily, weekly or monthly menu plans created from recipes included in the extensive database or by creating your own food items.
  • The quick-select Food Pick list is automatically populated from frequently-added foods, saving you search time.
  • Menus and meals are analyzed for a breakdown of the nutritional value and compared to generic DRIs or specific population nutrient profiles.
  • Organization tools let you categorize foods by meal (Breakfast, Brunch, etc.) and collection (Juices, Entrées, etc.).
  • An adjusted average option accounts for slight variations among similar food items. For example, instead of analyzing for each of the available breakfast juice options (orange, grape, cranberry, etc.) the program will analyze for the average.
  • Use the Cycle option to see a week (or other range of Days) at a glance.

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