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Measuring Calories and Nutrients in Vegetables

Creativity in Food Manufacturing

You ask yourself, “What if I add more ____?” Genesis R&D can give you an answer. With Genesis R&D, you can play around with different ingredients or measurements and get an accurate analysis of the nutritional outcome, without having to send your formulas to a lab each time you make a change.


  • Extensive database populated with raw ingredients, processing ingredients, additives (colors, flavors, etc.), recipes, and name-brand food items.
  • Quick, intuitive recipe or formula building and one-click analysis. You can create your recipe and see the lab-accurate nutrient breakdown in a few minutes. Any changes are updated and reflected immediately.
  • Modifiable reports (Spreadsheet, Single Nutrient, Protein Quality, Fats & Calories, and more) that you can use to demonstrate your processes and share with others.
  • Calculate recipe yields, moisture and fat adjustments, and cost.

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