Audit Readiness

FDA Audit Readiness

Documentation is key and preparation is vital. But it doesn’t have to be daunting. With Genesis R&D, you can easily and automatically track your processes and offer proof of intention should you ever face an FDA audit.


  • The audit trail feature automatically records who accessed each record and when. You can add notes and other information as necessary.
  • The Attachments option lets you attach files of any type to your Ingredients, Recipes, and other records. Store copies of previous recipe versions in event of an audit.
  • Accepted analysis tools. The FDA allows manufacturers to use database analysis from respected vendors. The ESHA database has more than 100,000 ingredients and analyzes for 172 nutrients and other factors.
  • Recipe and formula management. Keep all of your records in one place and organize by groups and other characteristics for easy structuring and searches.
  • Use the spreadsheet report as a detailed analysis of how final numbers are obtained on your Nutrition Facts label.

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