Genesis R&D Foods 11.5 Update

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Genesis R&D Foods 11.5 Update

The latest update to Genesis R&D Foods — version 11.5 — is an important one for users concerned with FDA’s Menu Labeling and Mexico’s Nutrition Facts Labeling regulations and compliance.

We’ve added features to simplify menu labeling compliance (remember, the deadline was May 7, 2018) and incorporated Mexico’s Front-of-Package labeling requirements.

In addition, there are several other software enhancements. These release notes detail all of the improvements and fixes. This was a major update, so we’re only going to cover the most notable additions and revisions in this blog:

UPDATE WEBINAR: To learn more about the new features join us on Wednesday, May 30, for a free webinar, Genesis R&D Foods 11.5 Overview.”

Composite Ingredient™

The Composite Ingredient feature allows users to create a combination ingredient from averaged ingredient data. This is useful for when your ingredients come from a variety of suppliers. The combination ingredient can then be added to recipes or menus and will appear in your ingredient statements.
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Calorie Ranges

The Menu Labeling regulations allow for the listing of calorie ranges. Now, when building a Menu in Genesis R&D, the Menu Label Report (previously known as the Food Menu Report) will display the calorie range for the items selected.

Front-of-Package Labels

The Mexico Front-of-Package regulations were published in 2014 and are mandatory for most packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages sold or distributed in Mexico. The regulations are separate from those for the Nutrition Facts panel.

Users with the Mexico Label Module will now be able to create Front of Package label graphics for small packages, individual packages, family packages (per package), and family packages (per portion).

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Mexico Nutrient Content Claims

The Mexico Label Module in Genesis R&D Foods now includes Nutrient Content Claims regulated by NOM 086. To work with claims, you must first set a Reference Amount on the Recipe.

Reference Amounts for Nutrient Content Claims

Nutrient Content Claims for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are based on a food reference amount. To make calculating Nutrient Content Claims easier, the program now includes a section for entering the reference amount.

In most cases the package serving size is equal to the food reference amount, however, in some cases, those amounts differ. Previously, users would have to set the serving size to the reference amount to review their eligible nutrient content claims, now they can enter the two values without having to switch back and forth.

New Label Adjustments

Sort Ingredients in the Less than 2% Statement by Weight

You can either sort ingredients in the Less than 2% section of your ingredient statement alphabetically (default) or by weight.

To sort by weight

  1. With your Recipe open, click Edit Label.
  2. Choose Format Options.
  3. Check “Contains less than 2% Sorted by Predominance.”
  4. View your Ingredient Statement to see how this looks.

Adding Specific Sugar Alcohols to your Label

You can now display the specific sugar alcohol (e.g. Sorbitol) on your label instead of the generic “Sugar Alcohol.” Click here to learn how

eLearning Center

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