FDA Announces Changes to Nutrition Labeling Regulations

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FDA Announces Changes to Nutrition Labeling Regulations

On Feb. 27, 2014, the FDA announced proposed updates to the labeling regulations for foods and dietary supplements, which Michelle Obama unveiled on the anniversary of her Let’s Move program. The FDA believes the new regulations will help address obesity by driving attention to calories and serving sizes.

Proposed changes include a complete overhaul of the food label, which has not changed dramatically since labels were first required more than 20 years ago.

Broadly, the new regulations would include: changes to the list of declared nutrients, updated Daily Reference Values and Reference Daily Intake values, format and appearance modifications for the Nutrition Facts panel and revised serving sizes. After a 90-day comment period, the FDA will spend some time considering the comments and then put forth a final rule.

These new regulations will affect all products that use Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels to display their nutritional content. According to the FDA, the change will affect 60,000 manufacturers and more than 700,000 UPC codes. Some manufacturers will want to reformulate based on the new nutrient emphasis.

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*Updated: New Compliance Date set for the New FDA Nutrition Facts Label