How-To: Using DataLink

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How-To: Using DataLink

DataLink is an add-on module that integrates Genesis R&D Foods with the TraceGains supplier portal to facilitate the transfer of ingredient data. Genesis R&D users who subscribe to TraceGains will be given a unique API key to enter during the installation of DataLink. This key connects Genesis R&D users to their TraceGains ingredients. Whenever an ingredient is updated in the TraceGains database, that data will be available in DataLink to review and then import into Genesis R&D.

To run DataLink:

In Genesis R&D, click the DataLink icon on the Database ribbon. When the window opens, you will see a list of ingredients on the left side panel, under ‘items to review’. This list is populated by TraceGains ingredients that have either been recently updated or have yet to be linked. When you first use DataLink, your TraceGains items will not be linked to the corresponding Ingredients in your Genesis R&D database and will appear with this icon. You will need to search for and link ingredients where matches exist or create a new ingredient if one doesn’t exist.

To link a TraceGains item to an existing Genesis R&D Ingredient:

  1. Click the item in the list on the left. This will initiate a search for the user-created Ingredient in the Genesis R&D database.  (Note: You can only link user-created Ingredients, not those included in the ESHA database.)
  2. If the Ingredient name matches the TraceGains name exactly, it will appear in the search results. Depending on your company’s naming conventions, you may need to edit the name in the “Link to Genesis Food” field and try your search again.
  3. Review the data by clicking the Ingredient name to see a comparison of nutrient data between the TraceGains ingredient and the Genesis R&D ingredient. Conflicting values appear in red. Note: For conflicting data, the TraceGains nutrient values will overwrite Genesis R&D nutrient values when you click Link.
  4. Click the Link icon.

To create a new Genesis R&D Ingredient from a TraceGains item:

  1. Highlight the item in the list on the left.
  2. Click on the Create Item button.
  3. The program will create a new item in the Genesis R&D database and will automatically populate it with the given nutrient information. You can see the item in Genesis R&D if you search for it later.

Once items are linked or created, they can be easily updated later.

To update a Genesis R&D Ingredient

  1. Launch DataLink. Any updated TraceGains items will appear in the left pane. Items with a green link icon have already been linked.
  2. Click the item in the left pane to initiate a search for the ingredient in the Genesis R&D database.
  3. Highlight the ingredient and compare the nutrient data. Discrepancies will appear in a red cell.
  4. Select Update Item.
  5. Continue updating the remaining items in the same manner.
  6. Link new items, if necessary.

Please note: Depending on the number of TraceGains ingredients you have, the initial process could take a while. However, any subsequent updates will only take a few minutes.

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