Food Processor 11.9 - featuring FoodProdigy Update and FoodData Central Brands Foods


The latest release of Food Processor, version 11.9, incorporates over 25,000 new foods into the ESHA database, bringing the total number of foods & ingredients to over 129,000! This database update includes new foods from manufacturers, brands, and the FoodData Central Brands database.

This release also includes a major redesign of the FoodProdigy User Interface. FoodProdigy is the online companion to the Food Processor which allows your clients to track their dietary intakes and daily activities. The look of the application has been designed to more easily guide users through the process of creating personal Profiles and entering Intakes and Activities.

During this webinar, we will provide an in-depth overview of the new foods added to the database, naming, and search tips. In addition, we will demonstrate how to navigate the redesigned FoodProdigy program including how to create a personal Profile, enter Dietary Intakes, and track Activities.

Click here to download the slide deck.