Ingredient Entry and Formula Creation

Supplement Facts Label Generator

Supplement Formulation

Hand calculations and spreadsheets are no longer going to cut it. With Genesis R&D Supplements, you first enter ingredient data, which is stored in the database, then create formulations from the ingredients.


  • Enter active and inactive components and their corresponding amounts, which could be by weight, volume, or percent, to create ingredients.
  • Calculate batch costs and account for shelf-life overages.
  • Allergen tracking at the formula level from data entered at the ingredient level. Allergens can be displayed on the label with a click of a button.
  • Organize by supplement type such as vitamin, mineral, herb, etc., or by defining characteristics such as gluten-free, vegan, organic, etc.
  • Store formulas and ingredients with searchable tags and other filters that allow for organized file management and quality control measures, including a process to review data.
  • Use Genesis R&D’s unique organic-tracking option to correctly identify when a formula meets set thresholds for packaging claims.

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