Reporting Calories and Other Nutrients

Restaurant Menu Planning Software

Recipe Nutritional Values

The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires that restaurants and food services operations with 20 or more locations must boldly display the calorie content of the menu items and have information for the other nutrients readily available.

Depending on your menu items you may need to display a calorie range or calories from a composite of ingredients. Genesis R&D allows for a variety of compliance scenarios including the option to display a range of calories (for combo meals) or if you use more than one supplier for a particular ingredient, the Composite Ingredient™ feature can calculate the averaged nutrition data for your ingredient.

Once you have your menu created in Genesis R&D, you can easily view your recipe nutritional values simply by navigating to the reports tab.

Menu Label Features

  • The Menu Label report includes the nutrients required by the FDA.
  • Choose to display calories ranges and/or calories per item.
  • Include additional information to the report including Allergens, Ingredient Statements, Costs, and more.
  • All reports are print-ready and you can modify the colors if desired.

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