September 2017 eNews | FDA RACC Cheat Sheet


Industry News

Update: Nutrition Facts Labeling Compliance Date
During a panel discussion at the Politico Policy Summit, the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottleib spoke about the Menu Labeling and Nutrition Facts Label delays.

In a follow-up statement on Twitter, Gottlieb stated that the new compliance date for the Nutrition Facts Label hasn’t been published yet “but we will propose closer to 18 months.” Learn more.

Regulatory Resources

Cheat Sheet FDA RACC Update
Along with several other labeling changes, the FDA has issued a final rule to update and establish Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACC) for food product categories. In general, the RACCs have been updated to more accurately reflect the serving sizes Americans actually eat at one sitting.

Click here to download the cheat sheet.

Software Tips & Tricks

Customizing Your Ingredient Statement
Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software allows you to customize the auto-generated ingredient statement. Watch the tutorial.


Q: Can I Export Genesis R&D Reports into Excel?
A: Yes. Genesis R&D lets you export reports directly as tab-delimited text files or for pasting into other documents or programs (such as Excel). Here’s how:

  • With the Report on-screen, go to Reports > Export To Text.
  • Choose “To Clipboard.”

Then paste the information into Excel:
After exporting the report to the Clipboard:

  • Open a blank workbook in Excel.
  • Press Ctrl+V on the keyboard or go to Clipboard and select “Paste All.”

The information will be displayed in your Excel spreadsheet, and you can format or modify it as necessary.