October 2017 eNews | Genesis R&D Supplements 1.3



Genesis R&D Supplements 1.3 Now Available!
The latest version of Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation and Labeling software is now available and brings with it many important enhancements, driven as always by user requests and feedback.
New features include tracking chemical impurities, a new two-column label template, serving size override option, linear label footnote, and more!
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Genesis R&D Foods 2018 Training Schedule
The Genesis R&D training schedule for the first half of 2018 is now available! For detailed course information please contact training@esha.com.
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Case Study Highlight

Accurate Nutrition Analysis with the Food Processor

When Dawn’s career shifted and she found herself taking on more writing assignments, which included developing and publishing more recipes, she needed a software that would meet her recipe analysis and labeling needs. She staked her reputation on ESHA’s cloud version of the Food Processor Nutrition Analysis program and has been delighted with her decision ever since.

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Software Tips & Tricks

Best Practices for Database Naming Conventions
Defining naming conventions for your database can help keep your database organized and allow you to quickly filter and identify your Ingredients and Recipes.

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Q: How Do I Find Recipes That Use A Certain Ingredient?
A: You can search for recipes that contain a specific ingredient by clicking on the ‘More’ button from the search screen. Check out this short tutorial to learn more: