October 2021 | Genesis R&D Foods Software Update


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Software Update: Genesis R&D 11.11 Learn More » 

This software update includes the addition of sesame as an allergen for U.S. food packaging, revisions to the Nutrient Content Claims for the U.S. and Canada labeling modules, updates to the Menu Labeling reports, and other program improvements.


Recent Court Decision Upholds the Legality of the FDA’s GRAS Process

The U.S. District Court of New York upholds the legality of FDA’s GRAS process after a lawsuit against HHS and FDA moved for a summary judgment on the grounds that the GRAS Rule unlawfully subdelegates FDA’s duty to ensure food safety, exceeds FDA’s statutory authority, and conflicts with the FDCA. Read More » 

California Bill Allowing Sale of Hemp Extracts, CBD Products Becomes Law

Hemp extracts and CBD products that meet testing and THC compliance are no longer considered ‘adulterated’ in California. Assembly Bill 45 (AB 45), signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom, allows the sale of hemp-derived extracts, so long as those products comply with certain testing and labeling standards. Read More » 

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Once a niche product intended as vegan or vegetarian fare, plant-based meat alternatives are now mainstream and growing exponentially into a multibillion-dollar global market. Today’s Dietitian explores the trends around this growing category. Read More »

FDA Guidance for Industry: Voluntary Sodium Reduction Goals

The FDA issued final guidance to food industry that outlines voluntary goals for sodium reduction in foods that are commercially processed, packaged, or prepared. Its public health mission is to reduce the burden of chronic disease through improved nutrition. Read More »

Eating Too Much Salt? Ways to Cut Back…Gradually

The FDA is working to make sure people have greater access to healthier foods and easy-to-understand nutrition information to make healthier choices. About 70% of the sodium most Americans eat comes from processed and prepared foods. The FDA is working closely with manufacturers to gradually lower sodium across a wide range of foods, resulting in more food choices with less sodium. Read More »


Blog: How to Declare Sesame as an Allergen in Genesis R&D Foods

The FASTER Act established sesame as the 9th major U.S. food allergen. This blog looks at how to comply with the new law. Read More › 

Blog: Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.11 Software Update

Now available, the latest software update includes sesame as U.S. allergen, new options within Menu Label reports, and more. Read More › 


Q: Sometimes I want to delete an old ingredient from recipes. I’ll use the Where Used search function to find where an ingredient is used, then edit those recipes to remove the ingredient.
When I then try to delete the ingredient, the system tells me it’s still in use in other recipes, but those recipes were not in my original Where Used search. Why would that happen?

A: Make sure that Groups to Exclude does not contain one of the groups that the recipe with the problem ingredient is in.
Go to My Preferences to see if any Groups are checked in the Groups to Exclude option.
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The latest release of Genesis R&D Foods, Version 11.11, is now available. This software update includes the addition of sesame as an allergen for U.S. packaging, revisions to the Nutrient Content Claims for the U.S. and Canada labeling modules, Menu Label module report updates, and other program improvements.
Date: Nov. 17, 2021.

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Genesis R&D Foods offers many filters to narrow your searches, helping you find exactly what you are looking for. When developing a recipe, you may want to search for ingredients by specific nutrient content, such as high in protein or low in saturated fat. Alternatively, you might want to find recipes that contain a particular ingredient. This webinar covers the different database search filters and other searching tips.

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Food Processor: Creating a Recipe
This tutorial will show you how to create a Recipe and cover a few of the Recipe Analysis reports available in Food Processor. Watch »

Genesis R&D Supplements: Creating a Formula
This tutorial illustrates how to create a formula in Genesis R&D Supplement Formulation & Labeling Software. Wathttps://esha.com/tutorials/creating-formula-genesis-supplements/ch »

Genesis R&D Foods: Creating a Recipe
This tutorial illustrates how to create a recipe in Genesis R&D Food Formulation & Labeling Software. Watch »


Genesis R&D Foods
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Topics covered include FDA regulations, creating ingredients and composite ingredients, building recipes/formulas, nutrition analysis, moisture loss, reporting, labeling, best practices.

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Topics covered include using PDCAAS, International Food Labeling, Advanced Label Settings, and more.

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