May 2022 | New Mandatory Product Listing Bill For Dietary Supplements



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Industry News

Restaurant Sales Rose for the Third Consecutive Month

Consumer spending in restaurants rose for the third consecutive month in April, as a healthy labor market and improving COVID-19 environment boosted confidence in dining out. Read More »

FDA to Hold Webinar on the Draft Guidance for Industry on Action Levels for Lead in Juice

The FDA is hosting a webinar on June 14, 2022 at 1:00PM (ET) to discuss the recent draft guidance on lead action levels for juice. These action levels support the agency’s broader efforts to reduce toxic elements in foods as part of the Closer to Zero action plan. Read More »

FDA Issues First Warning Letters For Delta-8 THC Products

The FDA issued warning letters to companies selling dietary supplements containing delta-8 THC. According to FDA, the products violate the FD&C Act by making unapproved claims to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases. Read More »

Is it Really ‘FDA Approved’?

Some products bear the claim “FDA approved.” But how can you know for sure what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved? Here is a guide to how the FDA regulates products for people — and what the agency does (and doesn’t) approve. Read More »

New Mandatory Product Listing Bill For Dietary Supplements Ignites Fierce Debate

Legislation proposing mandatory listing of all dietary supplements sold in the U.S. is finally here. This bill shows the industry what a mandatory product listing proposal looks like in reality—and has unleashed fierce arguments between opponents and supporters. And there’s no indication how it will end. Read More »

What we Published

Blog: Document Attachment Use Cases in Genesis R&D Foods

Add supporting documentation to any of your Advanced Labels, Recipes, Ingredients, and more. In this blog, we will cover the different use cases for attachments in Genesis R&D Foods software. Read More » 

Cheat Sheet: Added Sugars Labeling

“Added Sugars” is a mandatory nutrient on the U.S. Nutrition Facts label. Download this Cheat Sheet to use as your Added Sugar quick reference guide! Download » 

FAQ of the Month

Q: How do you download a file from the cloud to your desktop?

A: Saving a file from the cloud to your local computer can either be done during the Save process or by copying and pasting the file using your Windows Explorer or your (whatever it’s called on a Mac).

To do so during the save process, you will use the Save As browser to navigate to the local computer by opening “C on [computer name]” and looking for the Users folder. From there, find your name and select the Documents or Desktop folder.
If you’re using a Mac, navigate to “Home on [username]’s Mac” first.

Tip: Because this can be time consuming, we suggest creating a folder directly on the root of the C:\ drive so it is a little faster to access.

You could also consider bulk saving your files to the the P: or S: drive on the cloud server and then use the File Explorer to copy and paste all of the files locally.

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Declaring Voluntary Nutrients on Your Nutrition Facts Label
Displaying voluntary nutrients on your Nutrition Facts label can serve a variety of purposes: helping consumers make more informed decisions, substantiating nutrient content claims, and advertising food fortifications. However, the regulations governing voluntary nutrients differ slightly from those governing mandatory nutrients, which are those required by NLEA labeling. View the Webinar »

Labeling Added Sugars in Foods and Beverages

Because Added Sugars contribute only empty calories to a diet, their overconsumption can make getting enough essential vitamins and minerals difficult. To encourage consumer awareness of Added Sugars in food products, the FDA’s 2016 Food Labeling Revisions established Added Sugars as a mandatory label nutrient and clarified the definition. View the Webinar »


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