August 2018 eNews | FDA Proposes Revised Rule


Industry News: FDA Proposes Revised Rule

The U.S. FDA published a proposed rule to revise the front-of-package labeling requirements first issued in 2014 for packaged foods sold in vending machines. Learn more.

Cheat Sheet: Dietary Fiber Definition

The final rule for FDA’s 2016 updates to Nutrition Facts labeling incorporates two major changes to dietary fiber that food manufacturers need to be aware of: (1) a definition of “dietary fiber” and (2) an increase in the DRV from 25 grams to 28 grams.

Download our cheat sheet to learn more.

Upcoming Webinar: Health Canada Dual Format Labeling

During this webinar, we will discuss the Health Canada regulations and requirements for packages that require Dual Format Labels. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to create a Dual Format Label for Different Amounts of Food from a single recipe in the Genesis R&D Food Labeling software. Register.

Blog Post: Calorie Calculations by Country

How you calculate Calories for your food product depends largely on where you will sell your product and the laws governing the food labeling in that country or region. Continue reading.

Tutorial: Customizing Your Nutrient View

What you select in the Nutrients to View dialog dictates the nutrients that will show up in your reports and your Ingredient and Recipe edit window. This tutorial will show you how to add, modify and alphabetize nutrients. Watch the tutorial.


Q: How do I export a nutrition facts label from Genesis R&D Foods?
A: There are several ways that you can export a Nutrition Facts label out of Genesis R&D, however, we always recommend that you choose to Print as Vector when sending artwork to your graphics designer. Learn how.