April 2021 | FASTER Act Passes


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A Statement from ESHA on the FASTER Act

We are currently evaluating the relevant legislation of the FASTER Act and working with our regulatory and product development teams to determine how to best implement the updated allergen labeling laws. We are planning to include the new sesame allergen as part of the U.S. label module in our next release of Genesis R&D Foods. We are also developing educational materials to show customers how to prepare for this change by using existing features in Genesis R&D Foods.

Software Release

Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.10

Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.10 came out last month. This release incorporates five new Nutrition Facts Label templates that comply with Health Canada’s 2016 Nutrition Labelling Regulations. This is an important update for Canadian users. If you are not a cloud subscriber and want to update to 11.10, please contact us.

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Industry News

President Biden Signs FASTER Act Into Law

The Food Allergy Safety Treatment Education & Research (FASTER) Act makes sesame the ninth major food allergen and expands food-allergy research.


IFT Analyzes 2021 Food Trends

“Self-care, disease prevention, home-centered living, and creative ways of celebrating” will drive product innovation for this year, this Food Technology article says.


What We Published

Cheat Sheet: Rounding Rules for Label Nutrients

See this cheat sheet for the FDA’s recommendations on declaring quantitative amounts of label vitamins and minerals.

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Blog: Can I Make That Label Claim?

This blog goes over how Genesis R&D helps you identify allowable label nutrient content claims.


FAQ of the Month

Q: I entered a nutrient and its amount into an ingredient, and used that ingredient in a formula. I expected to see the nutrient on the label with a %DV. Instead, it appeared below the line without at %DV. Why?

A: Genesis R&D Supplements has been populated with regulated label nutrients and the calculations for their %DVs. If you enter your own nutrient component — a component called “Vitamin D3” in an effort to express Vitamin D in mcg on the label, for example — the program won’t recognize it as a label nutrient and will treat it as an Other Dietary Ingredient, placing it below the line without a %DV. To avoid this, when adding components to your user-created Ingredients, be sure to select the label nutrient components from the list of those included with the software.

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Upcoming: Genesis R&D Foods 11.10 update overview
May 5, 2021, 11 a.m. PT | 2 p.m. ET

The latest update of Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.10 includes user interface enhancements and several new Nutrition Facts Label templates for the Canadian Label module. During this webinar, we will walk attendees through the new UI changes and provide a review of the new label formats including when to use them and how to generate them in Genesis R&D.

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Recorded: Genesis R&D Foods 101, Allergen Statements

During this webinar, we covered how to track allergens and create and modify allergen statements in Genesis R&D. We also discussed different countries’ regulations and offer tips on best practices for compliance and customer education.

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Food Processor: Nutrition Analysis Reports Overview

This tutorial walks you through the reports and how they’re used to view and discuss your client’s nutritional intake.

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Food Processor: Searching For Ingredients by Nutrient Value

This tutorial will show you how to use the F5 search to find ingredients that meet the nutrient value criteria you select.

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Genesis R&D Foods: Creating a Label for Oregon Edibles

This tutorial walks you through the steps to create a recipe nutrition label for your Oregon cannabis edibles product.

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Genesis R&D Supplements: Refining Your Search Results

This tutorial will show you the variety of methods you can take advantage of to refine your search results.

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Genesis R&D Professional + Advanced
May 11-13, 2021

Choose From: Combined 3-day Intensive Training, 2-day Professional Training, or a 1-day Advanced Training.
Topics covered include a regulations overview, basic and advanced Nutrition Facts creation, PDCAAS, accurate analysis, software tips and tricks, and much more.
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