April 2019 eNews | Labeling Updates from FDA and FSIS


FSIS Revisits Dual Labeling for Some Meat and Poultry Products

The Food Safety and Inspection Service is looking at removing dual labeling for meat and poultry sold in small packages. Read here

FDA Grants Citizen Petition for Dietary Fiber

The FDA is proposing to add cross-linked phosphorylated RS4 to the definition of dietary fiber due to its effect on insulin. Read here

Allulose Exempt from Total/Added Sugars When Used as an Ingredient

Because it differs from table sugar in how it’s metabolized and its effect on insulin levels, the FDA has issued guidance exempting allulose from Total Sugar and Added Sugars declaration on labels. Read here

Considerations for Implementing the FDA’s Restaurant Menu Labeling Laws

The FDA has published a guide to inform consumers about the Menu Labeling regulations and where they can find nutrition information. This recent guide brings up a good question: Are you ready to meet consumer expectations? Read blog here

Food Product Labeling and Packaging 101

More goes into food-product packaging than just getting the Nutrition Facts panel correct. Read blog here

Nutrient data: Why do I want to use data per 100g instead of label values?

Entering nutrient values per 100 grams from a spec sheet can result in more accurate data. Some values shown on a Nutrition Facts panel might have been rounded down to 0 due to small servings sizes (ex: spices, seasonings, sugar substitutes, and other additives.)

This webinar goes over how Genesis R&D Foods uses and reports nutrient data.

We’re Going to the National Restaurant Show — Come Say Hi!

At this year’s National Restaurant Show — May 18-21 in Chicago — we will be demonstrating how Genesis R&D helps with all aspects of food product development and labeling, including restaurant menu labeling. Schedule a time to meet with us and discuss Genesis R&D in detail, or just stop by during the show to say “Hi” at booth #10549. Schedule a meeting here.