May 2019 eNews | Archiving Ingredients for Best Practices Record-Keeping


Genesis R&D Foods Software Update

This update will include a new Attributes feature so you can track Recipe characteristics, such as bioengineered (BE) materials (which will help with compliance for the now-mandatory BE labeling laws). We’ve also made some user-interface changes and database updates.

Genesis R&D Foods Professional + Menu Label Training Session

This training session covers the basics of Genesis R&D Food, including ingredient and recipe creation, plus restaurant-specific features for menu building, best practices, and analysis reporting to comply with the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulations. Click here to register for upcoming training sessions!

Archiving Ingredients for Best Practices Record-Keeping

This blog goes over how you can use the Groups option in Genesis R&D Foods to archive old Ingredients and Recipes so you can have a solid paper trail. Click here to read the blog!

What is the difference between using a moisture loss and target moisture adjustment?

Applying a loss vs. a target depends on what information you have. If you can determine the difference between the weight of the precooked ingredients and the batch weight of the finished product, use loss. If you have the final moisture percent (from, for example, a lab test) work with the target option to account for the moisture adjustment. Watch our tutorial to learn more.

Come see us at IFT! Visit the Genesis R&D by ESHA booth #3635

We will be at this year’s IFT Annual Food Meeting & Expo. During the show, we will be giving demos of our Genesis R&D Foods Product Formulation & Labeling Software and show off the latest features. If you are also attending the show, schedule a time to meet up with us!

Webinar Recording: Using Recipe Yields and Moisture Adjustments

Did you miss this webinar? Sometimes you need to adjust your Recipe for moisture lost during cooking. Learn how and when to do that from our experts.

Upcoming Webinar: July 31, 2019 | Working with Proprietary Blends in Genesis R&D Supplements

Genesis R&D Supplements offers supplement formulators the ability to create proprietary blends, and then incorporate them into final formulations. Join us for our next webinar as we explore this process using the Genesis R&D Supplements program.