Food Processor Version 11.11 Update


Food Processor Version 11.11 Update Includes New Menu Plan Calendar Cycle Report

Software program: Food Processor

The Food Processor version 11.11 was released in January, 2022. This latest release adds over 23,000 foods and ingredients to the program database and includes a new Calendar Report for the Menu Plan module. In addition, the FoodProdigy database has been updated for compatibility.

For more information on the Menu Plan Calendar Report, watch our on-demand webinar, Creating and Customizing Menu Plans and Reports with Food Processor

Food and Nutrition Database Updates

The Food Processor database now includes nearly 146,000 foods and ingredients. As always, some existing items have been updated and discontinued foods have been removed.

We have updated and added foods from the latest published FNDDS (2017-18) data set. Those foods report 65 nutrients, and we run them through our calculations for additional nutrient fields. The latest version also includes over 30,000 FoodData Central Brands foods; which include data populated for the 15 mandatory label nutrients, including Added Sugars.

In addition, we have populated iodine content for about 800 foods and added brands and trend-driven foods such as meal kit delivery foods, gluten-free foods, keto-friendly foods, and more.

Menu Plan Calendar Report

The new Calendar Report (available for Menu Plans only) displays a monthly meal calendar from the Days in your Cycle.

Note: Your Menu Plan must have at least one Cycle Menu created with one or more days added for this report to be populated.

Modifying the Calendar Menu

To get started, first open your Menu Plan. Then navigate to Reports and Select Calendar. The report only displays one Cycle at a time. If you have more than one Cycle in your Menu Plan, make sure the right Cycle is selected. 

Calendar Days Display Options

The calendar will always assume a Monday start (for the 5-day week) or a Sunday start (for the 7-day week) and will begin the cycle on that day, regardless of whether the previous and next month’s days are hidden. 

Month and Year

Select the appropriate month and year and Food Processor will correctly format your calendar accordingly.

Days Per Week

This setting toggles the calendar to display either a 7-day week or a 5-day weekday.

Show Prev/Next Month

Checking this option will display the days from the end of the previous month and the beginning of the following month on the current month’s calendar view.

Calendar Meal Display Options

Meal: This report is configured to show only one Meal at a time.  Select from the drop-down list to display the items in this Cycle’s Meal: Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Evening Snack, or No Meal.

TIP: How to Display All Foods for All Meals 

When adding foods to your Menu Plan, select “No Meal” for all items. You may choose to put your foods into categories. The category names will not appear on the Calendar but the foods within each category will be grouped together.

Calendar Header Display Options

The calendar header defaults to displaying the: Name of the Menu Plan – Name of the Cycle – Month/Year – Meal Group. If you wish, you can choose to hide the title and/or enter a custom header.

Hide the default title:

  1. On the Home ribbon, select MyPreferences
  2. Click Reports
  3. Expand Header/Footer
  4. Uncheck Print Title

Add a custom header: 

  1. On the Home ribbon, select MyPreferences
  2. Click Reports
  3. Expand Header/Footer
  4. Expand Header
  5. Type in a new header. This will appear above the title or in place of the title if you have selected to hide the title.

Tutorial: Weekly and Calendar Cycle Menu Reports Overview