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Webinar Schedule
We recently added more webinars to the lineup, including a discussion on how to track data and control data access, an overview of the new/updated features in the upcoming release of Genesis R&D Foods, and tips on sharing data internally or externally.

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Regulatory Resources

Added Sugars Cheat Sheet
Added Sugar is a new mandatory label nutrient and is defined as sugar that does not occur naturally in food but is added by the manufacturer. To learn more about Added Sugars on the label, download the Cheat Sheet to use as your Added Sugar quick reference guide! Download now.

PHOs Are No Longer Considered GRAS
Both the US FDA and Health Canada are working towards reducing trans fats from the food supply by banning the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). PHOs are responsible for the trans fats found in processed food. Current US regulations require the listing of trans fats on Nutrition Facts panels. This will likely change when the ban goes through. Learn more.

Software Tips

Recorded Webinar Series
Our User Tips webinar series is now published on the ESHA website and on our YouTube Channel. This two-part session (based on user questions and suggestions) covers a wide array of quick and easy tips for making the most of the Genesis R&D Food software application. It covers everything from serving size options for your Recipes to report customization. There’s a chunk of valuable information here that you don’t want to miss.
Top Genesis R&D User Tips for Success Part I 
Top Genesis R&D User Tips for Success Part II


Q: Can I create a Nutrition Facts Label from a Single Ingredient?

A: Yes! There are some cases where you may want to view the Nutrition Facts Panel for an individual Ingredient from the database. To do so, you will create a Recipe and add the Ingredient to the Recipe as one serving of the Ingredient.

Check out our latest blog post, How to Create a Nutrition Facts Label From a Single Ingredient, to learn how.