February 2018 eNews | DataLink Now Available


DataLink Now Available

ESHA and TraceGains now offer a software integration to make updating supplier ingredient information quicker and easier.  Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Webinar: Creating and Customizing Your Nutrition Label Statements

During this webinar, we will cover how to manage and customize your ingredient and allergen statements while helping you figure out your best practices for both. Register Now.

Blog Post: How Ingredient Search Results are Returned:

Both the Genesis R&D Food and Food Processor programs come with an extensive nutrition database. Additionally, users can add an unlimited number of ingredients to the database. With so many ingredients to search for, it is helpful to understand how your search results are returned. Continue reading.


Q: How do I label Added Sugars on products classified as Added Sugar?

A: Added Sugars is a required label nutrient in the 2016 regulations and, as such, manufacturers have questions about compliance. This blog talks about what to do when your product is an “Added Sugar” as defined by the FDA. Continue reading.