February 2017 eNews | Software Updates | Industry News


ESHA Program Updates

Genesis R&D 11.3 Update
This update includes several software enhancements. The most notable program feature is the inclusion of the new 2016 Health Canada Nutrition Facts tables (available only with the Canadian Label Module). Click here to learn more.

ESHA Port 4.3 Update
The ESHA Port workflow utility has also been updated to streamline the import/export process and make it more user-friendly and intuitive than ever! Click here to learn more.

Health Canada’s New Labelling Regulations

ESHA eBook

Canada’s New Food Labelling Regulations
Health Canada has finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts tables and ingredients list for packaged foods. Manufacturers have a five-year compliance period, which started Dec. 14, 2016, and during that time both pre-existing and new Nutrition Facts tables will be seen on grocery store shelves. This eBook summarizes these changes. Download the eBook!

ESHA Blogs

With Health Canada’s final label ruling, a number of changes have been implemented into the Nutrition Facts tables, particularly with regard to Daily Value (DV) figures. Check out our newest blog posts, Health Canada’s Nutrition Facts Table Nutrient Changes Part 1 + 2, to learn more!

Canada’s Nutrient Changes Part 1
This blog post provides a short summary of some of the nutrient changes, including the newly required mandatory nutrient, increases in Daily Values (DV), and unit of measure changes. Continue reading.

Canada’s Nutrient Changes Part 2
This blog post provides a short summary of newly established nutrient DVs and the nutrients whose DVs have decreased.  Continue reading.

ESHA Webinar

Canada’s New Nutrition Facts Tables & Nutrient Definitions
On December 14th, 2016 Health Canada released new food labeling regulations. During this free 45-minute webinar, we will focus on the new features in Genesis R&D Version 11.3 including the new Health Canada Nutrition Facts tables. We will also discuss the changes in nutrient definitions, the new Nutrition Facts format, and new ingredient statement in detail. Click here to register.


Q: Is there a way to see when a Recipe or Ingredient was created?

A: Yes, you can view both the Created date and Modified date on the Edit Recipe or Edit Ingredient screen.
You can also add the Created Date or Modified date of an Ingredient or sub-recipe to the View Recipe screen by adding those columns to your recipe view. To do so, right click on the Recipe screen, select “Display Columns.” Under Foodlist Entry Columns, check the box next to Create Date and Modify Date. Then hit OK.